Hi all,

I create an ActiveX control which needs to link with MSFlexGrid. This
is my component model:

MyControl (usercontrol)
+------ Datasource (Get Property () as CDatasrc class)
+ ---- Tablesource (Get Property () as
CTable class)
+ ----- Table (Set
Property (Byval vData as Object)

I attached my control on the another usercontrol (as Web container),
because I would like to create Web application.

The problem is that it wouldn't been terminated when user closed IE. I mean
that Usercontrol_Terminated event of Usercontrol container (not mycontrol)
has never been raised. I had tested something and found that:
If I set like this : Set MyControl1.Datasource.Tablesource.Table =
Grid <-- msflexgrid

<< code within Property Table>>
Dim m_objFlex as MSFlexGrid
Public Set Property Table(Byval vData as Object)
Set m_objFlex = vData
End Property
<< >>
My web-app has never been shut-down. If I didn't set this property, it
can terminate properly. Unfortunately, I have to use MSFlexGrid as a datasource
for my control, and I need to let my control to work on MSFlexGrid; such
as fill data, or change color in MSFlexGrid.

I try to set m_objFlex to nothing before closing the Web, it can terminate
properly. Unfortunately, I can't track when user needs to close the Web.
Indeed, the Web should be terminated properly when user closed the Web.
That's the problem. How can I solve this problem?

Thank you
Rattagarn V.