Hi there!

Im developing an activex-control in VB which opens a new InternetExplorer.
This InternetExplorer should appear without any toolbox, etc. This is no
But i cant find an option for turning off the Scrollbars, as it is possible
in JavaScript.

Hints and solutions for this problem are urgent and would be great!!

Here comes one code-example:

Public WithEvents expl As InternetExplorer
Private Sub UserControl_Initialize()
Set expl = New InternetExplorer
expl.ToolBar = False
expl.StatusBar = False
expl.Resizable = False
expl.Width = 800
expl.Height = 600
expl.Left = 10
expl.Top = 10
expl.Visible = True
expl.Navigate "file://d:\index1.html"
End Sub