Hi Pals,

I have been working on installing my client for a component say "My Component.Dll")running
in MTS on a different machine

For the client setup , I have tried following methods ,but had different
problems with each one.

1. Exporting the package of MTS component and running the Mycomponent.exe
on the client machine.

Problem : The creation of package was successful.But when i tried run the
exe on the Client following error popped.
"Client installation was not successful as .INF was properly initialised"
(this is not the exact error message phrase )

2. Run the CliReg32.exe for MyComponent.VBR and TLB files
mentioning RemoteServerName as Server running MTS component

Problem : When Client program was run, it didn't initialise the MTS component
and failed ( MTS component didn't spin!)

3. Tried to put the component in my client machine's MTS Remote components
(by pulling the component from Server MTS)

Problem : The operation was not successful as the error message like "No
visible share point on the server is available"

I am really confused as all these three are valid installation options (as
per books and MSDN KB)

So could anyone please help me with the details of client setup ..And also
tell me which one is better option like Using Clireg32.exe with VBR files
or Creating Client executables from Server MTS Component ?

Client : Windows NT Workstation 4.0
Server : Windows NT Server 4.0 SP6

Many Thanks in advance