Hi, I am working with a project that includes Visual Basic 6 sp4, Excel and
Entrust. My major problem right now is between VB and Entrust (Thier Visual
Basic Toolkit). Has anybody worked with these two components?

If so has anyone ran into the problem of Visual Basic locking the files (excel
file) until the application is closed therefore not allowing the file from
being saved multiple times. The application embeds excel in a Visual Basic
MDI Form and allows the users to open an excel template. The user fills in
the template at everytime they save the file the file gets encrypted with
entrust. The user is only able to save once because the file is locked until
the application closes down. Therefore our workaround is to create new versions
of the excel file everytime they save. This makes a messy directory. Does
anyone have a solution on how to keep VB from locking the file?

I am starting to think this is a windows NT Workstation problem.

Thanks in advance
Toni Bisson