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    objects in pictures

    [Originally posted by Lee Ryan]

    Im trying to create a program where the user can see a circuit diagram (bitmap) on the screen. I want the user to be able to "Activate a component" by drawing around it. Clicking this component in the future will bring up a properties screen. I had the idea of using transparent textboxes and the click event. BUT how can i save it so that all the labels are on the correct points on the bitmap. Even if the user zooms in or out?? Is there some kind of coordinates i can use?

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    Re:objects in pictures

    [Originally posted by JPicasso]

    Would the text boxes be visible?

    I think you add another degree of difficulty by trying to position
    text boxes around your bitmap.
    I would just take in a click on the bitmap (which passes x and y for the picturebox...
    You then have to adjust for zoom and if scroll has been moved.
    It's not exactly easy, but the hardest part is keeping track of whether you are in
    the picture box coordinates or the BMP coordinates.
    If this is going to be a general application, that is allowing for
    multiple circuts to be examined, you might want to associate X and Y values (min and max)
    in a lookup to ta database or similar to
    find out your next course of action.. (pop up this particular info box or the other type)

    I'm not sure if this helps to organize your thoughts, or to
    scatter them about the floor, but if I've not made any sense, please get back to me.

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