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    Timer preciseness

    [Originally posted by Joshua Slone]

    Today I've been messing about with timers, seeing if if I had something happen time-based, how precise I could be.˙ Most recently I had it grab the time using Timer many times in a row, and display the results.˙ I noticed that it would show the same number several times, then go to another for several, and so on, the difference being 62.5 milliseconds.˙ Is this truly as precise as it gets; down to a 16th of a second?

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    Re:Timer preciseness

    [Originally posted by Joshua Slone]

    With further testing, I've found that Time seems much more precise than Timer.˙ My new value for unique time difference is around˙ 0.0115740741 milliseconds.˙ 1/86400 of a second.˙ This somehow seems appropriate, with 86400 being the number of seconds in a day.˙ Is this correct?˙ And if not, what is?

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