Timer preciseness

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Thread: Timer preciseness

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    Timer preciseness

    [Originally posted by Joshua Slone]

    Today I've been messing about with timers, seeing if if I had something happen time-based, how precise I could be. Most recently I had it grab the time using Timer many times in a row, and display the results. I noticed that it would show the same number several times, then go to another for several, and so on, the difference being 62.5 milliseconds. Is this truly as precise as it gets; down to a 16th of a second?

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    Re:Timer preciseness

    [Originally posted by Joshua Slone]

    With further testing, I've found that Time seems much more precise than Timer. My new value for unique time difference is around 0.0115740741 milliseconds. 1/86400 of a second. This somehow seems appropriate, with 86400 being the number of seconds in a day. Is this correct? And if not, what is?

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