If start time was 3:05:49 and end time was 3:08:10 by using your calculation
the phonecall lasted 141 seconds. How can I convert the 141 to represented
into hours:miutes:seconds. It'll make more sense to say that the phone call
lasted 2minutes and some seconds instead of 141 seconds. Plus I have to sum
up the connect column and dsiplay it as hours:minutes:seconds.


Craig Clearman <chclear@nospam.please> wrote:
>Turn the time into the number of seconds past midnight.
>SecPastMid = Seconds + Minutes * 60 + Hours * 24 * 60
>Then you can subtract them. However, you should do something to deal
>with wrap-around. What if your StartTime was 23:59:00 and your End
>Time was 00:01:00? You have to decide if one day passed, or multiple.
>Ciao, Craig