[Originally posted by Vangelis Vorgias]

W2K has the ability to remember info about a folder's customisation, like
attribute column width (e.g. Name, Size, Type, etc.) and also additional
extended attributes that can be selected like Author, Comments, etc.

Does anyone know where this information is kept? Is it in the registry or
somewhere else? Alternatively can someone point me to any resource on the
net where I can find this information?

In a folder, when you select View -> Customise This Folder... you get a list of additional extended file attributes you can select from, for display purposes. Does anyone know where this list is comming from. Is it a static list defined in a DLL or is it read from the registry. Can the list of attributes be customised to display more attributes (e.g. JPG files have more extended attributes like Source, Rating, etc.). I am looking for a method of displaying these extended attributes. Does anyone know how this is or can be done?

I understand how to customise a folder through desktop.ini and .htt files.
What I am looking for is a simple method of exposing these extended
attributes by simply displaying them as extra columns in a folder.
Alternatively if anyone can tell me how they can be exposed through a
programmatic method (e.g. to get all the attributes just use the command
FileList.Folder.GetDetailsOf(FileList.SelectedItems.Item(0),i) where i = 0
to 40). But how do you display the additional attributes of .JPG files?

Any help would be appreciated. I have searched all known sources and have posted messages on several newsgroups but had ziltch info and help so far.