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    Using Scrollbars on Frames

    [Originally posted by Ted]

    Is is possible to use scrollbars on a frame? Or is it too difficult? I am trying to make a search form like Windows Explorer. Y'know, when you press the search button the search form pops up on the left side. I'm pretty sure they are using frames for that, but I could be wrong. If they are using frames, how do you think they are getting the scrollbars to work properly and move all the controls on the frame up, down, left, or right? The one I have created so far moves the frame into the next window (the ListView window) or up on the main form itself. It does not scroll properly at all. Any suggestions?

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    Re:Using Scrollbars on Frames

    [Originally posted by Psycho]

    >The one I have created so far moves the frame
    >into the next window
    Frames are need containers ;)

    So. What You wrote is in the Windows 2000, how I see. I think it just simply hides the TreeView control on it's left and show's up another control with the search criterias. Anyway. There's two ways (i think) wichones can work good and looks nice (GUI is all ;).
    First is the Windows and NT's "solution". After the search button was pushed a Window shows up with the "Find Now" and "Cancel" buttons, tabs and the search criterias. It can be good. If You don't want let the user to do anything 'til this window is visible, show it modally.
    Second way is simple too. You can place all the controls onto a frame (textboxes, find buttons etc.) and hide the frame. If Search button pressed, simple make it visible (it's on it's place on the form) and invisible when it "closed" (place a Close button into it's UpperRight corner. If it've been pushed, hide your frame and show the previous one).

    About scrolling:
    You're able 'scroll' a frame "inside" by moving the controls on it upper or lower. But You have to write the code for it (or ask me to do it for You :) and it takes time and energy. So the best if you make the frame as big as it needed to be (it'll be partially invisible) on the window and let the window to scroll it.

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