>Can you be more specific? I have created several ActiveX controls with
>PublicNotCreatable classes, and I have never experienced any trouble.
>Furthermore, it seems like putting these classes in a separate DLL would

be a
>PITA for anyone using the control, because they would no longer be able

to just
>add the OCX to their Components list; they would also have to add a reference

>a separate DLL.

I created a bunch of controls too and they all worked. Then all of a sudden
they stopped working. I was using an OCX in an other OCX (or DLL - I don't
recall). Whenever you use an MYCOMP.OCX in an activeX thing (EXE, DLL, OCX)
you risk getting a reference to MYCOMP.OCA in the typelibrary of the new
activeX thing. (If you use your component in a standard EXE, you will never
get that problem) It turns out this is a very bad thing to happen to you
and it has everything to do with mixin PNC classes with Public Usercontrols.
You can read the entire original discussion at:

(reconstruct the URL before you use it)

This was one of my very first posts to any newsgroup and the answer helped
me avoid a lot of problems I didn't know how to deal with (BadImplementsRefInCompatLib,
Error in Loading DLL, ...)

Hope this is specific enough,
Van den Driessche Willy.
For a work in progress:
>-- Matthew Solnit