i know this is a long shot but i thought i would try to get some feedback
on a issue i am having related to Matthew Bortniker
book (Visual Basic 6 MTS Programming). I think the book is excellent and
i have implemented MTS components with the resources contained
in the book. I am now trying to extend the MTS model with the SOAP 2.0 Toolkit
and Abstract Classes. Note: Integrated SOAP succesfully when i do not use
Abstract Classes. The specific issue is the following:

1) I created an abstract class with the method signatures of my MTS functions
: IDataManager (i.e Using abstract classes for version control)
2) I implemented the abstract class in my MTS component. DataManger
3) I used the SOAP 2.0 WSDL tool to generate the ".WSDL" and ".MSDL" Stub
files. This is were I am having my problem. When the tool asks
for the COM object to base the WSDL file on I select the MTS DataManager
Component (not the IDatamanger abstract class) The tool
then states "There are not methods that can be implemented in SOAP.

The question i have (i have looked in the microsoft knowledge base to no
avail) can the SOAP 2.0 protocol implement abstract classes in visual basic
6.0 ?????

Kind Regards
Gary J. Constant
Vice President JP Morgan Chase