I've been scouring the net, trying to figure out a solution to my problem
<to no avail>

I'm new to ActiveX EXE's, so please bear with me. I want to create an ActiveX
EXE application to run as a separate process (obviously). I have a main
Standard EXE application that connects to multiple UDP sockets (Winsock).
I would like this ActiveX EXE to handle all of the UDP/Winsock RX of packets,
decode and store them into an Access database.

My problem is this: I have created this project, including the class module
and 1 form. On the form, I have dropped a Winsock control. Inside the "DataArrival"
event for Winsock, I would like to be able to raise an event back to the
main standard EXE application, through the custom class module. However,
I can't get it to work. I can have the Winsock control call a new method
in the class (of which I have created an instance of on the form) to raise
the event inside the class, but it never raises it up to the standard EXE.
I have declared it within the Std EXE using "WithEvents", and I even stubbed
in a RaiseEvents within my initialize method, which raises it to the main

I've read on various newsgroups that the class is raising the event up to
the form within the ActiveX EXE, that's why the main application never detects
it. Can anyone point me into the right direction?