I've got VB6 (SP3) - ADO2.1 - SQL Server 7 SP1

How many simultaneous connections can I open? Is there any problem (e.g.
licence limitations)?

Dim conn as ADODB.Connectionn
set conn = new ADODB.Connection

conn.Open .....
set conn = nothing

will the above "kill" the connection - close the connection to the SQL
Server or do i have first maually to close the connection (conn.close) and
then set the object to nothing????

if i have opened a connection and my application crashes, will the
connection be closed automatically???

I have a main connection let say connMain and i passed this connection to
other connection variables.

Dim connMain as ADODB.Connection
set connMain = ADODB.Connection

set connA = connMain
set connB = connMain

Is there any way of closing the connection and release the resources by
killing only the main connection connMain, i think that first i have to set
connA,connB to nothing.. otherwise the connection will never be closed even
if i close the connMain......

Thanks in advance......

I would appreciate it if somebody had an article regarding these

Have a nice day.............