changing datagrid properties at run time

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Thread: changing datagrid properties at run time

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    Ray Wood Guest

    changing datagrid properties at run time

    I have populated a ADO Datagrid using T-SQL and a DataControl at design time.
    Under some circumstances I would like to expose more of the columns in the
    original query.
    Can I change a columns visibility or any other single property at run time
    without losing my other settings like column titles entered at design time?
    I have found almost nothing on the ADO Datagrid, Do you know of any good
    resources? Should I be using DBGrid?


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    Marko Sink Guest

    Re: changing datagrid properties at run time

    In VB menu Project -> references include :
    "Microsoft Data Formatting Object Library".

    Sample :

    Private sub procFormatDataGrid1

    Dim formatX As StdDataFormat, formatY As StdDataFormat
    Set formatX = New StdDataFormat
    Set formatY = New StdDataFormat
    DataGrid1.Columns(0).Visible = False
    DataGrid1.Columns(1).Caption = "Code"
    DataGrid1.Columns(1).Width = 1200
    DataGrid1.Columns(2).Visible = False
    DataGrid1.Columns(3).Caption = "Name"
    DataGrid1.Columns(3).Width = 4200
    DataGrid1.Columns(4).Caption = "Price"
    DataGrid1.Columns(4).Width = 1300
    DataGrid1.Columns(5).Caption = "Tax"
    DataGrid1.Columns(5).Width = 1300
    DataGrid1.Columns(6).Caption = "Comment"
    DataGrid1.Columns(6).Width = 5000

    formatX.Type = fmtCustom
    formatX.Format = "#.##0,00"
    formatY.Type = fmtCustom
    formatY.Format = "#.##0,00%"

    Set DataGrid1.Columns("Price").DataFormat = formatX
    DataGrid1.Columns("Price").Alignment = dbgRight

    Set DataGrid1.Columns("Tax").DataFormat = formatY
    DataGrid1.Columns("Tax").Alignment = dbgRight

    DataGrid1.Columns(6).WrapText = True

    End Sub

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