I am trying to create an ActiveX control in which I have two custome property
pages associated with it. I am trying to access one of the object from the
control itself in one of the propertypage but it doesn't allow that type
of access. i.e. I want to access MS Flexgrid located on usercontrol from
propertypage's 'Applychages' event.
and ya, how to save changes for some of the properties which depends on
database. i.e. in my control i want to load field name of table from table.
I am loading the names in listview. when user click one of the field name
in listview, textbox will display the caption for the table. If user want
to make any changes for caption he can click on save command button. And
when he clik on apply button i want to save the chages he had made earlier
for the caption. He can make changes to multiple fields and i want to save
all the changes...somewhere(i am not sure how and where..)

can anyone help? thanks in advance...