I am currently working on a project that involves using a multiple keyword
search of an access database. The search result is supposed to display to
a data grid. Right now, the code that i have will:

1. Accept the mulitiple keywords from a text box
2. Separate the keywords into an array
3. search each keyword in with an sql statement through a loop

When it comes to the output, the data grid only displays the result of the
last word in the the keyword search text box.

Here is my code:

Private Sub cmdKeyWordSearch_Click()
Dim strKeyWord As String
Dim SplitKeyWord() As String
Dim x As Integer
x = 0

strKeyWord = " " + txtKeyWord.Text
SplitKeyWord = Split(strKeyWord)

Do Until x = UBound(SplitKeyWord) + 1

SplitKeyWord(x) = "%" & SplitKeyWord(x) & "%"
adoClients.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM ClientAddresses " & _
"WHERE Company LIKE" & Chr(34) & SplitKeyWord(x) & Chr(34)
dgrdClients.Visible = True
x = x + 1

End Sub
I need the data grid to display all the addresses where the company has any
of the keywords in it.

Thank you in advance for the response :-)