Please Help,

I am new VB programmer and would like to do the following things in VB6:

1. I want to pass a parameter from one form to anothr form. How would I
do this? Can I use the .Text value of a text control and have the second
form use this control .Text value? How will I pass this value to a stored
procedure of the second forms's ADO data control?

2. I would like to pop up a Modal form and select a row from a data grid
of this form, and bring some values to the calling form?

3. I have two data combo controls on a form that will allow the user to
select parts of General Ledger account numbers. The first control (dtcCostCenter)will
allow me to select the Cost Center of the Chart of Accounts. The second
control (dtcAccount) should allow the user to select only the Accounts that
belong to the Cost Center that was selected in the dtcCostCenter control.
The dtcCostCenter control is bound to an ADO Data Control which in turn
is bound to a Cost Center Table. The dtcAccount control is bound to another
ADO control that uses a Stored Procedure with a Where clause (Select CostCenter,
AccountNum from Accounts_T Where CostCenter = @CostCenter). How will I pass
this parameter to this stored procedure from the dtcCostCenter.Text and refresh
the ADO control that is bound to the dtcAccount contnrol?

I have about 5 books on VB6 but none of them show me the solution to these

Thanks for your help!

After modifying the SQL statement of the ADO data control how will I refresh
the contents of the