Hi, I am using XML transformation to take an XML source doc and display it
using an ASP page. The code below works fine when the source XML doc is included
inside my own website.

However, what I really want to do is get the source XML doc from a completely
separate website using a full "http:" URL. Then use my xsl sheet to transform
the data into the look I want to give it. I have separate websites to play
with to test this, so can anyone tell me how to do this? (The technique below
does not work because the server.mappath method needs a UNC path, not an
HTTP path.)


xmlBooklistHref = "booklist.xml"
xslBooklistHref = "xmlstyle.xsl"
xmlBooklistPath = server.mappath(xmlBooklistHref)
xslBooklistPath = server.mappath(xslBooklistHref)

response.contenttype = "text/html"

set xml = server.createobject("Microsoft.xmldom")
set xsl = server.createobject("Microsoft.xmldom")

xml.load xmlBooklistPath
xsl.load xslBooklistPath

htmlOutput = xml.transformNode(xsl)
response.write htmlOutput

set xsl = nothing
set xml = nothing