First off, I'd prefer to be using Crystal Reports but we currently have $0
for software/development tools, so I'm condemned to use the Data Report.

Now here's my problem. Due to the structure of our 3rd party Oracle database,
I can't pull all the data I need with a single SQL into a data environment
connection. So instead I'm pulling my data into a adodc recordset, then adding
additional fields by performing functions based on the original recordset
and other data from the Oracle tables. All of this is added to an unbound
adodc recordset that becomes the data source of my data report.

That works great, except that I am unable to add any sections to the data
report (no group headers or footers). The only thing I can find on msdn says
that sections must be sync'd with the elements of the GROUP BY statement
of the data environment command.

Does anyone have any idea how to work around this?

Dale Gravatt
Software Engineer
ATN: Advanced Toxicology Network