I've a web input form which contains many fields.

I want to insert these values into sql7.0, and i can do it via the ASP way.

However i want to do it via VB component as it is faster. How do i pass these
field values to my function in VB ? It has the following errors :

ConvertVB error '800a01a8'
Object required
"obj.insert_table v1,v2"

My asp code :
dim obj
set obj = server.createobject("convertvb.dhtmlconvertvb")
dim v1, v2
v1 = "results1"
v2 = "results2"

'asp always point the this error below
obj.insert_table v1,v2

My VB code :
Public Sub insert_table(ByVal v1 As Variant, ByVal v2 As Variant)

'declare object variables
Dim cn As New Connection
Dim rs As New Recordset

'connect to database
cn.ConnectionString = dbconnect

sql = "insert into table (field1, field2) values ( "
sql = sql & "'" & v1 & "', "
sql = sql & "'" & v2 & "')"

conn.ActiveConnection = cn
conn.CommandText = sql
conn.CommandType = adCmdText
Set rs = conn.Execute()

End Sub