Main question is what would keep a ini file open on a file server?
so other computers can't read from it.

I have a ini file on a Windows 2000 workstation file server
contents listed below

----- begin of ini file


------ end of ini file

We have a main computer station that does all the login of all jobs.
But some other stations go to login and they cant, because the ini file is
still open,
if you go to the server an list all open files it shows the ini file from
the main computer
still has it open.

This is the line that gets the path to the database, below

InfoManager.DataBasePath = GetIniString("Database", "DatabasePath",
InfoManager.IniFilePath, "K:\Atlas.mdb")

and this is the function, below

Public Function GetIniString(Section As String, Key As String, IniLocation
As String, Optional default As String) As String
Dim ReturnValue As String * 128
Dim i, sLet
Dim iLen As Long
Dim length As Long
length = GetPrivateProfileString(Section, Key, default, ReturnValue,
128, IniLocation)
i = InStr(1, Trim(ReturnValue), Chr(0))
iLen = Len(Trim(ReturnValue))
GetIniString = CStr(Left(Trim(ReturnValue), (i - 1)))
End Function

get new job number from ini file

NewNumber$ = GetIniString("NextNumbers", "JobNumber",