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    To read size of object content from .eps, .ai, or .jpeg format

    Please Help me

    I export from CorelDraw, Adobe, some selected content (size in cm) in .eps, .ai, or .jpeg format. With VB, How I can read width and leght of object content from this file format for use to calculate area of selected object (widht*leght).


    Example export a rectangle 140x50 cm size from CorelDraw file.
    In content open with Notepad, I found that information about size are in line content %%BoundingBox
    First two numbers (with - ) represent position from setup page in file (when the object are same size like page setup first two numbers are 0, 0). Number 2816 and 259 descriebe size of selection (in pixels I think).
    How I can read the line wich content BoundingBox (from a .eps or .ai format) and use to multiply last two numbers ?

    Line 3 from .eps format
    %!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0
    %%BoundingBox: -1153 -760 2816 659
    %%LanguageLevel: 1
    %%Creator: CorelDRAW 9
    %%Title: rectangle.eps
    %%CreationDate: Thu Oct 20 20:42:44 2005
    %%For: Rafael
    %%DocumentProcessColors: Cyan Yellow Black
    %%DocumentSuppliedResources: (atend)

    Line 5 from .ai format

    %%Creator: Adobe Illustrator™ 7.0 Exported from CorelDRAW 9.
    %%Title: (CorelDRAW! 9.0 Export)
    %%BoundingBox:-1152 -758 2816 658
    %%DocumentProcessColors: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
    %%DocumentSuppliedResources: procset Adobe_level2_AI5 1.2 0
    %%+ procset Adobe_typography_AI5 1.0 1
    %%+ procset Adobe_ColorImage_AI6 1.1 0
    %%+ procset Adobe_Illustrator_AI5 1.2 0
    %%+ procset Adobe_cshow 2.0 8
    %AI3_ColorUsage: Color
    %AI3_TemplateBox:306 396 306 396

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