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    dung Guest

    checkbox and datagrid ?

    Hello !
    How to make show checkbox with a field in datagrid (Visual Basic)?
    Thank you !

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    Vahid Guest

    Re: checkbox and datagrid ?

    You cann't it. This a bug of datagrid.


    "dung" <ntdung2000@vol.vnn.vn> wrote:
    >Hello !
    >How to make show checkbox with a field in datagrid (Visual Basic)?
    >Thank you !

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    Jman Guest

    Re: checkbox and datagrid ?

    There's no way to do it. If you really need that feature, you'll have to use
    another grid control. Take a look at the following addresses:

    http://www.shersoft.com Sheridan Software. Owns a very good grid which
    easily allows you to change the style of a cell to make it look like a
    checkbox, combobox, button, etc... But you'll have to pay for it.

    http://www.vbaccelerator.com Lots of free ActiveX controls and code
    snippets. Look for the s-grid control. Its a very good free grid control
    which lets you insert checkboxes, images, make the rows grow automatically
    when needed, etc. The only problem with it is that you can't connect it to a
    data control, you must add, modify and delete the rows by yourself.

    http://www.videosoft.com Authors of vsFlexGrid, the control the Microsoft's
    FlexGrid is based upon. Again a non-free control.

    There are lots more grid controls, but I can't remember them now. I hope
    this helps you.

    dung escribió en mensaje <39d2a741$1@news.devx.com>...
    >Hello !
    >How to make show checkbox with a field in datagrid (Visual Basic)?
    >Thank you !

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