When calling an Oracle stored procedure (SP) any dates, passed in or out,
lose their time. For example if the date "2000-oct-21 12:13:24" is returned
from the SP, as a date, VB receives "2000 Oct 21 00:00:00".

create or replace
procedure test (outdate out date) is

outdate := to_date ( '2000-oct-21 12:13:24', 'YYYY-Mon-DD HH24.MI.SS');


end test;

With m_adoCommand
.ActiveConnection = m_adoConnection
.CommandText = "test"
.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
.Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("outdate", adDate, adParamOutput)
End With


MsgBox "Return value from stored procedure is " & Format(m_adoCommandOne("outdate"),
"yyyy/mmm/dd hh:nn:ss") & "."

It seems to me that VB is the culprit dropping the time information. Is their
a method or alternative datatype, besides using strings, that works properly
with dates?