>I have tried making the changes to the MSCAL.dep(mscal.ocx). I dont think
>i know how to. I opened it up with "dependency walker' but dont know how
>to modify the mscal.ocx . Ron i would appreciate it if you could gie me
>an extra hand.
>Thank you
>"aao" <netpc2000@hotmail.com> wrote:
>>I have been working on a VB database project for a month and am making

>>Finally now,i want to package it but am some major problems. i went through
>>the step to step creation of the cabs.After done,i was ready to install

>>on my system but it installs up to 70% and then comes up with this error
>>The file 'C:\windows\TEMP\msftqws.pdw\$[DLLSelfRegisterEx]' could not be
>>registered because it was not found.