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    Kermit Goodman Guest

    Retrieving Recordset from Oracle Stored Proc

    The MSDN Knoldegebase article Q176086 -- "HOWTO: Retrieve Recordsets from
    Oracle Stored Procs Using ADO" -- describes how to call a stored prodedure
    that returns several array output prameters to populate an ADO recordset.
    The example, includes the syntax for following the stored procedure:

    QSQL = "{call packperson.oneperson(?,{resultset 2, ssn, fname, lname})}"

    The corresponding procedure signature in the Oracle package is:

    PROCEDURE oneperson
    (onessn IN NUMBER,
    ssn OUT tssn,
    fname OUT tfname,
    lname OUT tlname)

    When I try to run this code in VB, I am getting an error from Oracle that
    indicates that "ssn" (the first output parameter listed) must be declared
    to Oracle. I did not find in the VB documentation what the names "ssn, fname,
    lname" represent in the procedure call. Do these have to be the same as
    the parameter names in the stored proc? Do they correspond to variables
    in VB?

    Any suggestions for how to get this to work? Any suggested sources for additional
    info. on this?

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    Rick O'Hara Guest

    Re: Retrieving Recordset from Oracle Stored Proc

    "Kermit Goodman" <kermit@pobox.com> wrote:
    >Any suggestions for how to get this to work? Any suggested sources for

    >info. on this?

    Try www.vboracle.com. They have a tool that you can download, which might
    help you figure this out. I haven't tried it myself yet.

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