Hello all,

I would like to use the Datagrid control to display information for the
user. Generally the DG
control is binded using ADO and is updated automatically. I would like to
use this control and fill
the control dynamically as an array of UDT are entered into the array. This
was taken from MSDN
Library. Does anyone have an example/sample or idea how I would bind a UDT
wrapped around a
class and bind it to the Datagrid control? Thanks.

"Another great way to exploit this opportunity is to bind controls to memory
objects such as arrays
of UDTs or matrices of strings or variants. All you have to do is wrap a
class around your data,
set the class's DataSourceBehavior property to vbDataSource, and write the
code that performs
the data transfer. You can expect to see many commercial and shareware ActiveX
controls that
wrap around any type of data, including some esoteric data sources such as
files, serial ports, HTML pages, and so on."

Mark Hicks