I am executing an SQL statement off the Connection object which is connected
to an Access97 MDB file. I basically tell it to create a table. The table
gets created, but I also get this error:

Description: Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted.
Requested operation requires a current record.
Number: 3021
Source: ADODB.Field

I can't figure it out, below is the command I am sending.

Create Table tempTable
([RecordTypeZZ] TEXT(1) NULL,
[Issue_Code] TEXT(5) NULL,
[Organiz_Code] TEXT(3) NULL,
[Unknown1] TEXT(4) NULL,
[tape_date] TEXT(6) NULL,
[Filler] TEXT(231) NULL,
[RecordTypeD] TEXT(1) NULL,
[Loan_Number] integer NULL,
[ptd] TEXT(6) NULL,
[loan_status_1] TEXT(1) NULL,
[delinq_amt] TEXT(12) NULL,
[pif_status] TEXT(1) NULL,
[loan_status] TEXT(1) NULL)

What is wrong with this statement.


Robert Gelb