Hi I have developed a stored procedure in SQL7 that has 2 input parameters
and 2 output procedures. When I call it I keep geting an error that the driver
doesn't support the option feature. here is the text of the stored Proc:
CREATE PROCEDURE WB_Market_Share (@Start_Date datetime,
@End_Date datetime, @FastrakVol int OUTPUT, @TotalVol int OUTPUT) AS

-- Declare variables
@FT1 int,
@FT2 int,
@GL1 int,
@GL2 int,
@GL3 int,
@GL4 int

SELECT @FT1 = Sum(FT1Vo),@FT2 = Sum(FT2Vo),@GL1 = Sum(GL1Vo),@GL2 = Sum(GL2Vo),
@GL3 = Sum(GL3Vo),@GL4 = Sum(GL4Vo)
FROM tms_west
Where ([Date] between @Start_Date and @End_Date) AND (Location = 12.185)

select @FastrakVol = (@FT1 + @FT2)
select @TotalVol = (@FT1 + @FT2 + @GL1 + @GL2 + @GL3 + @GL4)

This is how I'm calling it:
adCommand.ActiveConnection = adConn
adCommand.CommandText = "WB_Market_Share"
adCommand.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc

adCommand.Parameters.Append _
adCommand.CreateParameter("Start_Date", adDate, adParamInput, , Start_Date)

adCommand.Parameters.Append _
adCommand.CreateParameter("End_Date", adDBDate, adParamInput, , End_date)

adCommand.Parameters.Append _
adCommand.CreateParameter("FastrakVol", adInteger, adParamOutput)

adCommand.Parameters.Append _
adCommand.CreateParameter("TotalVol", adInteger, adParamOutput)


Text1 = adCommand.Parameters.Item("FastrakVol")
Text2 = adCommand.Parameters.Item("TotalVol")

Any Help would be greatly appreciated!