I work in a multi-server environment ( Novell ) where many users connect to
their own deptmental servers. I tested some small VB UserControl forms, that
I compile into ActiveX components. This way they fairly easily can be put
in a WEB page on our Intranet Server. I set up the usercontrol (form) using
standard VB controls --- the data control, and the ADO control, then I compile
everything using the Internet Wizard. I connect these data controls as you
would normally connect fields to text boxes ( mostly ).

This seemed to work very well at first, but I've hit some snags. From my
own PC, and several others in our office, I got everything working from our
Intranet server. I assumed that the Int. Deployment Wizard packeaged evrything
a WEB-client would need to download, when they first access the page holding
my VB User component ( control ). Again, from my PC and some others, it went

But a number of problems occured, when calling the page from somewhat distant
PCs -- those where users get to the Intranet server thru IP, but are really
only LAN-connected to (known by) their own LAN server. The biggest problwm
is that some users get an error about downloading COMCAT.dll ( a file that
is among the dlls the Wizard produces as part of the CAB ). It can't find
the dll in a dir. call c:\temp\ICD... something. I assume this dir is made
on the fly by the loading of the component. Because it can't find the file,
which wants to copy into ..WINNT\System32, I simply tell it to 'skip it'
and many times the component will try to keep loading.

After this, I come up with a variety of things. If I connect myself from
that PC to the ( my ) server that holds the database, my component seems
to work with the ordinary data control, but the other portion of the form,
with the ADO control, doesn't. In fact, it seems to always report upon loading
the control that 'no ADO data provider found.' It normally would give a error
number, but I have a message box to trap the common errors. I have never
understood the 'data provider' theory from Microsoft. I always assumed that
when you test a database within the VB IDE ( even ActiveX components), have
your ref. correct, are able to connect/run data controls, and then compile
and have the Wizard package with no errors that all 'providers', Dlls, or
any other code would be provided/packaged by the Wizard, ready for copying
to the Intranet server, and then downloaded when the WEB user browses the
page, but I guess I'm missing something. Are there data providers that must
be installed first on client PCs. My PC has VB 6.0 professional so maybe
it already has many of these things on it because of that install. I also
of course am trying to see if WEB components can access ( MS-Access 97) data
bases no matter what physical server they are on, assuming the correct full
server/path is given ( and works) during test/devlpmt...any help... thanks...
sorry this is so long