Dear Sir,

I am facing problem in reading flat text file throgh SQL 7 query analyser.
My query is as follows

select * from openrowset('DTSFlatFile'
, 'Data Source=\\myserver\bosac7\t2.txt
;Mode=Read;Row Delimiter={LF};File Format=0;Column Delimiter=|
;File Type=1;Skip Rows=0;First Row Column Name=False
;Number of Column=0;Max characters per delimited column=255'
,'SELECT * ')

error given is

Server: Msg 7303, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Could not initialize data source object of OLE DB provider 'DTSFlatFile'.

[OLE/DB provider returned message: Error opening datafile: The system cannot
find the file specified.]

content of text file T2 is

ACC | S R Investment | 500.00
REL | L R Trades | 300.00

Please note that T2.TXT file existing in the same folder as specified in
data source statement and
despite correct path it is giving error.

can u please give solution to the above problem

pl reply to,


Bharat Sangani