I am designing an inventory program using an ADO data control connected to
an Access2000 DB. Most everything is running fine, except 2 things. I am
not very familiar with SQL language, and I can't seen to get a working find
button. I set it up to use an input box to get the search criteria, then
i want it to search the entire table for a likeness match and return the
match. How can I do this?
Also, I want the form to display the name of the record I am viewing.
And i got that to work except that when i click on the movenext, move previous,
move first, move last button on the ADO control, it shows the name of the
record i just left. I am trying to write this code in the aado_movecomplete
object, but I can't figure it out. Please some one give me some advice on
how i can remedy this. Thank you.