i know it is very long, but it is a complex problem, it is neccesairy to understand
the problem.
I have a simple application to manage finances,(or i am making it)
It stores its data in a database called balancer.mdb, consisting thereof
1 table, main
3 queries, qrygermain, qrydeductions, qryaddition
there are 3 grids on my app, 2 dbgrids, 1 for deductions, 1 for additions,
and a flex grid, to show the cummulative history, deductions, additions,
dates, events(qrygermain).

i there have then, 2 ado data controls, 1 plain data control for the flex
grid, and another data control, containing ALL the data, un filtered,
ado1 = qrydeductions
ado2 = qryaddition
data1 = qrygermain
data2 = main
in the deductions section(which will be a model for the additions)
You press add, and 2 textboxes, and 3 option buttons popup.
Source, Amount, weekly, bi wekly, monthly.
if you press add again, it adds it, (I have gotten this to work)
It does so by "Data2.addnew", by adding the record to data2.
THE PROBLEM, The database is updated(when i start the application again,
the data shows in the deductions's dbgrid. But only then,
So the dbgrid (which is on ado1, which is using balancer.mdb) is not being
updated with the new information, The data is being added to data2, which
is hooked up to the same file, should not that when the file is updated,
the controls having dependence thereof are to have been updated?, thus updating
the db grid,??, I have tried frantically trying to update it.
here is the code
\Private Sub cmdDAdd_Click()
'Notes: if there is a d after the prefix, it is in the deductions group,
a means additions
' If the txt Decution amount is visible then they all are
' Make it the reverse and then check to see if there is appropiate data
' in the fields, then store

If txtDAmount.Visible = True Then
txtDAmount.Visible = False
txtDSource.Visible = False
opdWeek.Visible = False
opdMonth.Visible = False
opdbiWeek.Visible = False

Data2.Recordset("TypeAD") = "Deduction"

If txtDSource.Text = "" Then
Exit Sub
End If
Data2.Recordset("source") = txtDSource.Text
If txtDAmount.Text = "" Then
Exit Sub
End If

Data2.Recordset("amount") = txtDAmount.Text

If opdMonth.Value = True Then
Data2.Recordset("TimeWbiWM") = "Monthly"
End If

If opdbiWeek.Value = True Then
Data2.Recordset("TimeWbiWM") = "Biweekly"
End If

If opdWeek.Value = True Then
Data2.Recordset("TimeWBiWM") = "Weekly"
End If
Adodc1.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;Persist Security
Info=False;Data Source=balancer.mdb"
Adodc1.Recordset.Open ("qryDeductions")
Adodc1.Recordset.UpdateBatch (adAffectAllChapters)
Adodc1.Recordset("source") = Data2.Recordset("source")
Adodc1.Recordset("amount") = Data2.Recordset("amount")
Dim Ddeduction As DataGrid
Set Ddeduction = dtaDDeduction


Ddeduction("source") = Adodc1.Recordset("source")
Ddeduction("amount") = Adodc1.Recordset("amount")

txtDAmount.Visible = True
txtDSource.Visible = True
opdWeek.Visible = True
opdMonth.Visible = True
opdbiWeek.Visible = True

End If
End Sub
As you can see, i have tried frantically, to get it to update, but it will