Hi all,

I have a problem when calling the Stored Procedure of Oracle. I have a Oracle
Stored Procedure which accepts an Integer Array as an argument. Can anyone
let me know if there is a way to call this Stored Procedure from Visual Basic
by passing an integer array. If there is a way pl. let me know the method.
I tried passing a Variant Array by Creating a Parameter and then Appending
it to the Parameters Collection in ADO.

The problem I face is the Paramater object of ADO expects the Parameter Type
which will be (adArray OR adInteger) (it is an ORed value) that represents
an Integer Array. This is what MSDN says. This gives me invalid Type error.
I also tried passing a variant array. Same error. But in either of the case
I could not pass the value for the Value data member of the ADO's Parameter
Object bcos it accepts the value but not the array address whcih is what
is required to be passed for the stored procedure.

Dim x(2) as Variant
Dim y(2) as Integer
y(0) = 1
y(1) = 2
x(1) = 2

' Case 1

CreateParameter("ARG1", adInteger OR adArray, adParameterInput, x)

' Case 2

CreateParameter("ARG1", adVariant OR adArray, adParameterInput, y)

both of the above cases results in an error when I try to set a value for
the Value data member of the Parameter Object which here is the 4 argument
of the CreateParameter method.

Any ideas or suggesstions are welcome. Its very urgent.