Just to be sure : Does Identical Machines also cover at least MDAC 2.5


"Alex" <ainglis@policy-studies.com> wrote:
>I found an almost identical problem on a post by Bob Tsai back in March

>2000 but could not find any response to his query, so i'll try again...
>I run my application over a Novell network without incidence on aproximately
>half of the NT 4.0 machines. The other half give the above error. I create
>a dynamic DSN connection through VB code and reference the conection using
>ADO. I can replicate the error by using the default connectiontimeout property
>of 15 seconds. By increasing the connectiontimeout property to 90 seconds
>elliminates the error. Problem now is this application is being installed
>state wide so when installing in a remote location I notice the network

>slower and even using the 90 second timeout produces this error. I do have
>a machine at this remote location logged on locally to their server and

>the remote network that runs this application without incidence.
>Oh ya all these NT machines have been cloned and are identical in set up
>and programs installed. A fresh install of NT 4 seems to eliminate this

>but of course is out of the question as 200+ fresh installs cannot be performed
>to accomodate our application. Given this, any ideas why problems occur

>only half the machines? Any possible solutions?
>Before I lose all my hair someone please help. Thanks. Alex