Hi All,

I'm starting to write a VB application that using Oracle 8i as database.
The user interface will use MSHFlexGrid control, DataCombo (rowsource from
other table), list control.

I do have some questions on choosing data access strategy in the following

Data Link :
1. Oracle OLE DB Provider
2. OO4O

I know OO4O is faster but I think Oralce OLE DB provide is easier to code.
Any comment ?

Data Retrieval :
1. ADO recordset for data retreival
2. ADO recordset for data retreival and then store in a recordset class object

Is it necessary to have a recordset class object ?
I tried to set the adStatusCancel in WillChangeRecord event to stop record
field change when user navigating record. It fails and returns multiple-step
operation error -2147217887. Could anyone tell me what's the problem ?

Data Display :
1. binding collection object for binding data to form controls
2. bind data directly to form controls from recordset objects
3. Manually put data values to form controls from recordset objects

When should I use binding collection object?
Is it slow to manually fill form controls, especially grid control ?

Data Update :
1. Execute Stored Procedure in Oracle
2. Execute SQL stored in VB Command object

Is stored proc faster ?

Thank you for reading the entire page.
Please give me some idea.