accessing XML variable in ASP

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Thread: accessing XML variable in ASP

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    accessing XML variable in ASP

    [Originally posted by Ben]

    How do I set an ASP variable to the value of an XML variable? For example, the XML variable defined as:

    < xsl:variable name = "maxX">
    < xsl:for-each select = "//@Xpos">
    < xsl:sort data-type = "number" order="descending" />
    < xsl:if test="position()=1">
    < xsl:value-of select="."/>
    < /xsl:if>
    < /xsl:for-each>
    < /xsl:variable>

    I would like to set the ASP variable something like this:

    dim theMax
    theMax = Request.xmlvariable($maxX)


    I know this is wrong but I think it can be done something like this. Can anybody help?? Thanks


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    Re:accessing XML variable in ASP

    [Originally posted by mike]

    first you need to load the XML data into the XML DOM "Document Model" object. Then, walk thru the DOM instance like you would go thru a Treeview control.

    But, if you know that there will always be only 1 instance of the data you need to get, then you could do a quick and nasty substring search. Something like:

    StartAt = Instr(theXML, "<SOMETAGNAME>")
    EndAt = Instr(StartAt, theXML, "<")
    MyValue = CInt(Mid(theXML, StartAt, (EndAt - StartAt))

    (I do this method alot - its faster, but is prone to problems if the XML structure is likely to change)

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