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    Dan Collins Guest

    Stored procedure output to a file

    How do I direct output from a stored procedure to a file? I am using the Print
    statement that prints output to the Query Analyzer screen. I do I direct
    Print statements to a test file?
    Dan Collins

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    Paul Mc Guest

    Re: Stored procedure output to a file

    G'day Dan.

    The Print statement in TSQL is not what it sounds like - basically it similar
    to Debug.Print in VB except that it is not left out at compile time...

    As for directing output to a file, that depends on the circumstances:

    A) What is the situation - are you running the SP from the query analyser
    or via ADO from a client app etc...

    B) Where do you want the file - ie do you want the server to output it to
    a file one the server, or the client to control the writing of the file?

    C) What format do you want? ie Text, HTML, XML?

    If you detail the situation further I am sure we could help you out...


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