I'm currently working on a new project that got me working in ADO Databasing
and this is the first time I've ever worked in this area before.

First off I'll give some background on what I did so that you can tell where
I'm going with this.

I created a database using the visual data manager. For my primary key and
the only unique field I put an auto incremeting ID number. Then I converted
over roughly 2500 records out of an older program that was being used to
store the information.

In VB I set up a ADO Data Control, a few textboxes referenced to the related
fields of the database, and a Data grid for viewing of all records and part
of the navigation of the database. For primary navigation I set up a back
next first and last button and hid the ADO Control from the user.

Now then my first problem is the database does not open and display in the
correct order in my program but if I use Microsoft Access to open the database
it is in the order it is supposed to be in. For instance a newly entered
recrod dosn't just add to the end of the database in the program, it jumps
up into the middle of it. Yet if I go into Microsoft Access after entering
it, it will be the last record in the database. That is problem one.

Problem two - The very first record in the Database dosn't display the very
first field for some odd reason. But it is in fact there if you look at
it through access.

Problem three - Deleting fields, I don't know what else to say about this
works other than it is weird. I've rewritten the code in the delet button
numerous times and right now have finally decided just to disable deleting
in the areas it is giving me trouble (The very last records and the very
first record). If I try to delete the last record it just shuffles it up
in the database somewhat but never actually deletes it.

Thats pretty much the main problems I'm having. Everything else seems to
run pretty smoothly. All my searches and reports work just fine through

Any insight to this problem would be much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Steven Hickerson