Does anyone know how to create a recordset.

I am trying to Passing into a DLL a recordset. I want to be able to create
this recordset on the fly and am having trouble.

Here is what I have been testing with

Rst.Fields.Append "Fld1", adNumeric, , , 12

I can add a field (Fld1 and the correct data type), but I can't seem to be
able to add a value (12 is the test value).

Documentation says that I don't need to have the recordset open and connected
to a database to do this and since I am creating a recordset based on user
information. The client side recordset should be detached from the database
while the user is creating this records. I want to be able to pass this
recordset into a DataAccess DLL and let the DLL worry about updating or inserting
into the Database.

This will allow the Application to expand the Database columns and very little
code will have to change on the client side.