I am calling content from a webpage using an include.

I keep getting an error, the error can be viewed at

Basically, I am using an app, Xigla Absolute News Manager
on both IIS 5 and IIS 6.

I am putting a line of code into the site to include the
following include: xlagc.asp

function xlaGC(what)
set xlaGChttp=server.CreateObject
if instr(what,"?")=0 then what=what & "?
xlaparsing=true" else what=what & "&xlaparsing=true"
xlaGChttp.open "GET", what, false
xlaGChttp.send <--------------Error
if left(xlagc,4)<>"<!--" then xlagc=""
set xmlGChttp=nothing
end function

then I am trying to pull that content in to display the
information. I use this to pull in the content:

<!-- #include file="xlaGC.asp" -->

Any thoughts on why the error is being generated?
msxml3.dll error '800c0005'

The system cannot locate the resource specified.

/xlaGC.asp, line 13
the file is in the same directory... I keep reading
something about the proxyconfig.exe tool but the developer
of the app said he has never had this problem...

Any help is appreciated I am not a pro developer and need help!