Hello all,

I am making an application, where I draw an image to the screen and then
grab it to picture box and finally save the grabs as AVI file. Well, I have
managed to do all this, thanks to Ray Mercer's wonderful pages, but want to
make some tweaks to my application.

Now I save the screen grab from picture box to a file in hard disk and then
from there I get it to AVI with Rays CreateFromFile(). This slows the
process down and I would like to do it directly without the hard disk. From
Rays example I found the CreateFromCompactedDIB(), but I could not figure
out how to use it properly and have not really found out the differences of
DDB, DIB and BMP. Any ideas or hints?

What are the formats the pictures are in different places? Or how the VB is
handling them?

Basically I have the picture in PictureBox, but in this state it is not a
BMP, is it? So how to make it to fit to Rays CreateFromCompactedDIB()?

Thanks in advance,