I am using an SQLServer DB with 1 million or more records to process. I want
to get only a batch of records to process at a time. Apparently the GetRows
method would be the appropriate method to use to do this. What I don't understand
is the following: 1)If I want to get all the fields, how do I do this with
the Fields parameter? 2)If I use this method will the rest of my code for
interfacing with the recordset to assign values to the fields work the same?
3)If I use this method, I only want to update the actual database when I
am finished processing the batch. Should I use the UpdateBatch method after
completion of processing all the records in the batch? Should I not use the
Update method after assigning new values to the fields in the Recordset that
I have aquired with the GetRows method?

Thanks for any help,