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    Displaying blank line after 5 lines of

    [Originally posted by madeline lim]

    Thank you for your comments. However, I am having
    problems implenting your sugguestions. The code displays the five lines of details and then gets an error when trying to inserting the blank line.
    I am not sure what I did wrong. Here's my code
    and hopefully someone will have some sugguestions:

    I am reading a file from my directory and need the output to go to a text box and I should have a blank line after every five lines of detail from my file.

    Private Sub cmdDisplay_Click()

    Dim strBookFilePath As String
    Dim strBookId As String
    Dim strBookTitle As String
    Dim strBookTopic As String
    Dim strPublisherId As String
    Dim sngYearPublished As Single
    Dim sngPrice As Single
    Dim intcounter As Integer
    Dim intBookFileNumber As Integer
    Dim strTextString As String
    Dim intlineCounter As Integer

    cdlfiledialog.InitDir = App.Path
    cdlfiledialog.Filter = "Select File Name |*.txt; *.dat"
    strBookFilePath = cdlfiledialog.FileName
    intBookFileNumber = FreeFile

    Open strBookFilePath For Input As #intBookFileNumber

    intcounter = 0
    intlineCounter = 0
    strTextString = ""
    Do While Not EOF(intBookFileNumber)
    intcounter = intcounter + 1
    intlineCounter = intlineCounter + 1

    Input #intBookFileNumber, strBookId, strBookTitle, strBookTopic, strPublisherId, sngYearPublished, sngPrice

      strTextString = strTextString & vbCrLf & intcounter & " " & strBookTopic & "  " & Left(strBookTitle, 30) & "   " & FormatCurrency(CStr(sngPrice))

    txtDisplayFile.Text = " Book Listing " & vbCrLf & strTextString
    If intlineCounter < 5 Then
    Else: txtDisplayFile.Text = &quot; &quot; & vbCrLf And intlineCounter = 0
    End If
    Close #intBookFileNumber

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    Re:Displaying blank line after 5 lines of

    [Originally posted by John Citizen]

    Try this for your insert a blank line code

    txtDisplayFile.Text = " Book Listing " & vbCrLf & strTextString

    If intlineCounter < 5 Then
    txtDisplayFile.Text = txtDisplayFile.Text & vbCrLf
    intlineCounter = 0
    End If

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