Hi there,

I'm trying to find some documentation on the following, but have come up
empty handed so far -
so I'm posting here in hope that someone can point me in the right direction
/ answer my questions.

I'm using the ADO Stream object from a VB COM+ component across a network to
send an xml query
and retrieve some data from a SQL 2000 database (xml again) - my questions
are as follows.

1) What sort of overhead is involved with the ADO stream object ? Apart from
the actual bytes that
form the query, what else is sent over the wire ?

2) If I turn on SSL data encryption in SQL 2000, does windows 2000 use
40bit or 128 bit encryption.

3) Depending on the encryption type - how does the encrytion affect
performance - is there some way
of determining that an xml query of 1K text will be encrypted and become 2K
on the wire with an extra 1k
overhead of marshalling by the ADO stream ?

Any help on one or more of these aspects would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance