Here's the code:
' This function is in a COM .dll, there are no statements between
' the client calling Addrecord, and the execution of this function in
the COM.
Public Function AddRecord(colCollection As Collection) As Collection
Dim blnHolder As Boolean
' Right now, rsRecordset contains the contents of colCollection as
' first record!!!!!!! E.G. ? rsRecordSet.fields(1) returns the
value contained
' in colCollection. Doing a watch on rsRecordSet shows the
"value" as coming
' from colCollection, and the "underlying value" as the original
value in the rs
' Update the class copy of the recordset
blnHolder = FillRecordSet(colCollection)
' Update Database
If blnHolder Then
Set AddRecord = colCollection

I don't see how the contents of the collection colCollection could
possibly get into rsRecordset, and
the private mrsRecordset by just calling this function. rsRecordset
does not exit in the client. Nothing
bound to anything.

I've worked on this for three days, and can't figure out how this
could possibly happen.

Any insight, or even guesses would be helpful