Has anybody found a way to share an ADO connection across multiple EXEs (all
apps and components done with VB6). I want to be able to have an exe or
activex exe/document create an ADO connection, then be able to get to that
connection from inside other EXEs that are started AFTER the first EXE establishes
the connection. The goal is to have a single connection to the database
per client machine for our application.

I know that you can't GetObject on a component created in VB.

I found the RotHook/RotClock example here on DEVX and I'm reading through
that now, but it's getting pretty deep and I'm looking for any other solutions
(other than building a C++ component) to solve this issue.

The final solution may end up being to leave this alone until we move to
.NET and then build this application the right way, but for now, we are stuck
w/ the existing design from 5+ years ago that we have to maintain for the
time being.