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Im new in this forum. Im from Spain. This is the problem i have:

I have developed an ASP application, in one of the asp files i use the tag <object> and the classid of the dtpicker control of VB 6.0. Afterwards, i made a very easy program in VB (just one form with one dtpicker control), and made a setup. Then I installed in all client machines this program (none of them have VB installed), so i thought that would be enough in order to see the dtpicker control in the html code served by IIS of the server machine, but I was wrong. I saw the Registry and the client had the correct entry with its classid for the dtpicker but the control doesnt appear in the ASP page.

Afterwards I installed VB in the client machine and everything was OK. So... why cant i see the dtpicker control in html if i dont have VB installed, of course, supposing i have installed the ocx and the dll's that VB gave me in the setup program of the form with the control???

Sorry for my english and thanks in advance.