I have been experimenting a little further with ADO and the use of DLL class
files for connectivity to an Access database table etc . Now I can not seem
to work out how to utilise the connection's recordset (two fields for two
text boxes) and display it in the two text boxes in the main project. I am
specifically trying to keep the database functions in the class file (referenced
from the main project files) and the display (GUI) stuff) in the main project................Can
someone please help ?

project file

Option Explicit

Private dbConnectionClass As DBConnectionProject.dbConnectionClass

Private Sub OpenConnectionCommand_Click()
Dim strConnect As String
Dim strProvider As String
Dim strDataSource As String
Dim strDatabaseName As String
Dim strLogon As String

strProvider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;"
strDataSource = App.Path
strDatabaseName = "\northwind.mdb;"
strDataSource = "Data Source=" & strDataSource & strDatabaseName
strConnect = strProvider & strDataSource

Set dbConnectionClass = New DBConnectionProject.dbConnectionClass
dbConnectionClass.DataBaseConnectionInformation = strConnect
ConnectionLabel.Caption = strConnect
ShowButtons (2)
dbConnectionClass.OpenRecords ("select * from employees")
End Sub

Private Sub CloseConnectionCommand_Click()
ShowButtons (1)
End Sub

Private Sub ShowButtons(number As Integer)
Select Case (number)
Case 1: OpenConnectionCommand.Enabled = True
CloseConnectionCommand.Enabled = False
Case 2: OpenConnectionCommand.Enabled = False
CloseConnectionCommand.Enabled = True
End Select
End Sub

Private Sub FirstCommand_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub PreviousCommand_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub NextCommand_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub LastCommand_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub LoadControls()
End Sub

Private Sub ClearControls()
FirstNameText.Text = ""
SecondNameText.Text = ""
End Sub

DLL class file
Option Explicit

Public mdbConnection As ADODB.Connection
Public mdbRecords As ADODB.Recordset
Private mstrDataBaseConnectionInformation As String

Public Property Let DataBaseConnectionInformation(ByVal vData As String)
mstrDataBaseConnectionInformation = vData
End Property

Public Property Get DataBaseConnectionInformation() As String
DataBaseConnectionInformation = mstrDataBaseConnectionInformation
End Property

Public Sub OpenDatabaseConnection()
Set mdbConnection = New ADODB.Connection
mdbConnection.ConnectionString = mstrDataBaseConnectionInformation
End Sub

Public Sub OpenRecords(SQL As String)
Set mdbRecords = New ADODB.Recordset
mdbRecords.ActiveConnection = mdbConnection
mdbRecords.Open SQL, mdbConnection, adOpenDynamic
End Sub

Public Sub FirstRecord()
If mdbRecords.BOF = False Then mdbRecords.MoveFirst
End Sub

Public Sub PreviousRecord()
If mdbRecords.BOF = False Then mdbRecords.MovePrevious
If mdbRecords.BOF = True Then mdbRecords.MoveFirst
End Sub

Public Sub NextRecord()
If mdbRecords.BOF = False Then mdbRecords.MoveNext
If mdbRecords.BOF = True Then mdbRecords.MoveLast
End Sub

Public Sub LastRecord()
If mdbRecords.BOF = False Then mdbRecords.MoveLast
End Sub

Public Sub CloseRecords()
Set mdbRecords = Nothing
End Sub

Public Sub CloseDatabaseConnection()
Set mdbConnection = Nothing
End Sub