program development/test environment
vb 6.0
os: XP
database: Oracle
mdac installed 2.7
connection type: ole db

i was originally connecting to a 9.01 oracle database using msdora. Everything
was going perfect. in fact, that release is in production and is being used
on 35 machines.

then the client upgraded to Oracle 9.02.

due to space limitations on my development machine. I removed 9.01 from
it installed 9.02 (db install was succesful, import of database into 9.02
was successful).

PROBLEM: when i try to connect my app it is unable to connect to the 9.02
database using msdora. it does not open the connect string.

QUESTION: is there a more current msdora available.
QUESTON: has anyone experienced this problem.

note: i just download mdac 2.7 service pack 1 and i am still unable to connect.

connection string:

dim cnn1 as adodb.connection
strcnn1 = "provider=msdora;data source=mblzdev;user=mbluser;password=mbl;"
set cnn1 = new adodb.connection strcnn1